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    Sri Lankan Cuisine
    You are about to taste a vast selection of authentic Sri Lankan cuisine, the way it’s meant to be cooked with a variety of herbs and spices unique to Sri Lanka.

    Sigiri Sri Lanka Restaurant in New York was founded by Tanya DeSilva and Mala Rajapakse. Two long time friends whose fondness for preparing Sri Lankan cuisine blossomed into the idea of opening up the restaurant.

    Sri Lankan food is inspired by several different ethnicities.Quite a few periods of colonization paved the way for the exotic cuisine, blending indigenous ingredients and cooking techniques with influences from Indian, Portuguese, Dutch, Malay and a host of other world food traditions.

    Ultimate Dining Experience like no other. Our modern Sri Lankan Cuisine.
    From the traditional Rice dishes, the staple food of Sri Lanka, to other specialties such as the famous Hoppers (bowl-shaped rice pancakes), Indi Appa, and Lamprais (a dish of Dutch origin) comprising of rice cooked in a meat stock and slowly baked in a banana leaf with a variety of meat and vegetable sides. You can taste them all at Sigiri.

    The creative capabilities of our chefs Suranga Pradeep Kumanra and Vincent Dias have made our patrons return time and time again to enjoy our food.

    Our goal is to offer the authentic taste of Sri Lankan food to all our patrons. We aim to please, and we mean it when we say “Sri Lankan food the way it’s meant to be.”



    Sigiri In Jersey
    Authentic Sri Lankan Cuisine

    52 Lincoln Highway (Route 27)
    Edison NJ 08820
    Phone: 732 744 9667

    Sigiri In Manhattan
    Authentic Sri Lankan Cuisine

    91 First Avenue
    New York, NY 10003
    (between E. Fifth and E. Sixth Sts.)
    Phone: 212 614 9333

    Sigiri In Staten Island
    Authentic Sri Lankan Cuisine

    226 Bay St Tompkinsville, Staten Island
    NY 10301
    Phone: (718) 981-3333